Excerpt #2

Here is the next Saturday Morning Excerpt from Someone to Listen for your reading pleasure. Grab your cup of coffee and enjoy. =)

I bolted toward the water, the sand soft and light between my toes. The adrenaline pumping through my veins dulled the chill of the wind against my skin. The waves looked menacing as they crested and crashed upon the beach, and I was about to throw myself into them.

The moment my legs splashed into the water I felt the shock of the icy temperature against my skin, but I didn’t stop. I took a few labored steps against the waves before diving under, allowing myself to enjoy the muffled silence of being alone just below the surface before coming up for air. I found myself floating on the waves as they forced me up and down with their rolling movements toward the shore.

I gasped as two strong arms grabbed my waist from behind and pulled me back. A playful smile curved up Daniel’s lips as he turned me around to face him. His hair looked a darker brown when wet, more matching the color of his eyes. Stray water droplets scurried down his face back into the tumultuous ocean below.

Daniel’s hands cupped the sides of my face as we moved together with the surge of the water. “You’re crazy, you know that, right?”

An involuntary smile broke out on my face at his touch. “And you followed me in. What does that make you?”

Daniel bit his lip, clearly holding something back. “I’m afflicted with a different kind of crazy. Please don’t go walking off a cliff, because I’d definitely be there jumping off right behind you.”


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