Teaser #1 from Beyond Ransom

How about a teaser from Beyond Ransom?

This is from the first couple pages of chapter two and is of course subject to change:

Footsteps approach me. I can hear each movement of them in the deafening silence of the room. The steps are heavy, weighted with purpose and intent, and I dread what’s going to happen next.

Fear. Absolute fear takes over me. My breathing quickens. My eyes burn with the sting of tears.

The footsteps stop, and silence surrounds me once again. I can feel how close the person is next to me in the body heat radiating through the small distance between us. A hand or face has to be within inches of my skin. I can feel it even with the pieces of cloth strapped around my face.

“Good evening, Morgan,” a man’s voice says as hot breath washes over my sweating forehead. I shiver involuntarily, tiny goose bumps of terror prickling over my entire body from head to toe.

I can’t reply. I can’t move or do anything to acknowledge what this man just said. I don’t know what he expects of me, so I wait in the darkness behind my blindfold and focus on the rapid thud of my heart within my chest.

The man is moving again. I can hear his footsteps circling around me, stalking me like an animal closing in on its prey.

He’s going to devour me. He’s going to end me.

-Beyond Ransom, Copyright 2014 by A.T. Douglas


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