Oh how things change…

One month ago I clicked Publish on Beyond Ransom, and wow has my life as an indie author changed since then.

If you’ve read The Ransom Series, you know the story behind how I came to write these books. This story was never supposed to exist outside of my brain. I wrote it completely on a whim after signing up for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) at the absolute last minute last year, challenging myself to put out 50k words of a novel in the month of November.

Over 134k words and two books later… The Ransom Series was complete.

As I went back to read and edit the series, I was absolutely terrified. This story went in so many more crazy directions than I ever expected it to when I first started writing it. I felt like I was putting myself way out there as an author with some of the content of these books, but I knew I had to self-publish them. It had to be done despite the fear and terror and worry and everything that goes with willingly dangling yourself out for the world to see.

Going into self-publishing this series, I was convinced that few would read these books. I reached a point in my life as an indie author where I had to accept that I was writing for me and no one else, because I enjoyed it and even if no one ever read my books I had to keep writing and getting stories out into the world because that’s what fuels me from day to day.

I never dreamed I’d get the response I’ve received to The Ransom Series so far.

People found Beyond Ransom. It gained popularity on Goodreads, and people were excited about the book and adding it to their TBRs and buying it and reading it without me even asking or doing heavy promotion or anything. It climbed on the Amazon sales ranks and became popular even in the UK. The world discovered Beyond Ransom on its own, and the excitement and enthusiasm spread like wildfire from there.

People then became excited for Beyond Revenge, released only three weeks after Beyond Ransom, and for the first time ever I had readers anxiously awaiting something I’d written. I wasn’t just writing for me anymore, and that made all of this a whole new ballgame for me.

I can’t tell you how amazing it is to have gone through this journey and have people actually read and enjoy my books. The support I’ve received from readers and bloggers for this series continues to amaze me every day. I feel like everything’s changed since I clicked Publish on Beyond Ransom just a month ago.

And to think that this story was never supposed to be out in the world…

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