Cover Reveal for Falling Ash

I had ambitions of letting my photographer do a photo shoot with a model based on my guidance to come up with a cover photo for Falling Ash.  I planned to essentially design and format the cover myself like I’ve done with my previous book covers.  As I was approaching the end of writing the first draft of Falling Ash, though, I began to stress about not even having started the process of getting the cover ready.

Then I found my new favorite graphic designer who also serves as her own photographer: Marisa at Cover Me Darling.

Marisa designed a cover from one of her photos that ended up being absolutely perfect for this book, and when I saw it and the other work she had done, I knew I had to work with her.  All thoughts of doing my own cover went out the window.  All the stress of not even having a photoshoot scheduled was gone.  Within a day or two of getting Marisa the information she needed to complete the cover, I had a final product that I couldn’t be happier with.

I’m thrilled to finally show you how it turned out.  Here is the cover for Falling Ash, a Dark Dystopian Romance, coming exclusively to Kindle on August 11, 2016.




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