Ash to Dust is now available!

My Dark Dystopian Romance novel Falling Ash was supposed to be a standalone, but toward the end of the writing process, I had this crazy idea for a potential sequel.  I took on the story in November 2016 for my National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) project.  The sequel is titled Ash to Dust, and it’s now available for your reading pleasure in both Kindle and paperback formats on Amazon.

I’ll be the first to tell you that this book is much darker than its predecessor.  It was written during a particularly challenging time for me.  For better or for worse, that difficulty I was experiencing showed through in the development of this story, taking it to even darker depths than I originally imagined.

I have embraced that I am author of romance books with warnings.  Ash to Dust comes with my strongest warning yet, so I highly recommend that you read the warning before taking on this sequel.

I’m very excited, though still slightly terrified, to present to you Ash to Dust, a Dark Dystopian Romance by A.T. Douglas:

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Darkness brought us together.

Now it threatens to tear us apart.

Pain and violence are not new to me.  Humiliation and mind games are all too familiar. In the beginning of our relationship, Silas used these techniques that made me realize how much we understood each other.  Now they are being used against us and our family, used in a completely different and more horrific way.

The actions we must take in order to protect each other…  I don’t know how we’ll ever forgive ourselves.  But we’ll do whatever it takes to keep each other alive.  We’ll make the necessary choices to survive and secure a future for our family.

We’ll fight for our freedom, no matter how broken we might become along the way.

WARNING: Ash to Dust is a Dark Dystopian Romance novel intended for mature audiences 18+. It contains taboo subjects, disturbing situations, graphic violence, strong language, and sexual content.



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